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Waiting list terms and conditions
We aim to offer a class place as fast as we can but due to an ever-increasing demand for gymnastics, the waiting periods can be months and sometimes a year or two for certain classes e.g., Saturday mornings and as a result these classes have a near 100% retention rate and spaces become available only very rarely. For this reason, we recommend that you join waiting lists for multiple days that suits to increase your chances of getting a class earlier rather than waiting for just one option, and if your availability changes, we can always swap you to a different day/time.

We may sometimes close a waiting list for a class should it become too long, and every year we reserve the right to change the schedule for September with some classes being cancelled and/or moved to another day/time.

At the end of June all gymnasts will be removed from their classes and will need to rebook for the September term based on their year of birth once the new schedule has been finalised.

Please note we will not “keep” places open, spaces will be on a first come first booked basis so please keep an eye out for the booking emails to avoid disappointment.

Families that register for a ClassForKids account or book a summer camp will not be automatically booked onto a waiting list for a future Citadel class. The classes and/or waiting lists will need to be specifically booked via the Citadel booking portal.

When a space becomes available, we will notify you via email or by phone. We will offer the time in which we currently have a space and a group that is suitable for your child’s current age. If you reject an offered class more than twice, please be advised no more spaces will be offered and your details will be removed from Citadel’s system. Your ClassForKids account will still be active for your other activities and can be signed into at any time should you wish to contact us in the future.

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