1 Bookworms

This week’s theme is our bookworm and book characters theme where they will do everything from bouncing┬álike Tigger to casting spells like Harry Potter. They will make arts and crafts to match the theme of the day and be set challenges for their team points.

Bookworm summer camp theme

2 Ninja obstacle course

This week’s theme is our ninja style obstacle course. At our ninja warriors themed camp your gymnast will flip, leap, jump, run and climb while tackling the most elaborate obstacle courses our coaches can devise. Up for a challenge?

Njnja summer camp theme
Performance circus summer camp

3 Performance circus

This week’s theme is our performance circus. The greatest showman??? How about the greatest Citadelian!!!!
The Citadel Circus is back in town with gymnasts flying on a trapeze, defying gravity on the bars and teaming up for some acrobatics.

Places everyone, the Citadel Circus is LIVE!

Superheroes summer camp theme

4 Superheroes

This week’s theme is Superheroes. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s the Citadel Superheroes camp. Gymnasts will build up their super strength with conditioning challenges and maximize their courage to develop new skills.