Adults classes are part of our recreational programme. Whatever you’re looking for our adult’s classes can cater for it. Whether it is improving your fitness levels or flexibility, wanting to learn new skills and achieve new goals or simply wanting to join a new welcoming and encouraging social environment.
All levels are welcome whether you have never done a forward roll before and can’t touch your toes or you are looking to improve upon your existing skills, our classes can provide an environment for you to improve and develop your goals at your own pace.
Gymnastics will also help you improve in other sports and forms of exercise. It helps develop flexibility, core strength, cardio and overall strength building.
Each class will be a well-balanced mixture of the various elements such as fitness, flexibility and skill progression on the various apparatuses. The apparatuses include a mixture of floor, bars, vault, beam, rings, parallel bars and more.
You will never know until you give it a try and for your first class you can pay as you go and when you decide you like it, you can carry on for the full term.
If your goal is to push yourself beyond your boundaries or come along and have a bit of craic while progressing at your own pace, these classes are for you. You’ll be amazed at what you can do that you didn’t think was possible before.