Citadel Gymnastics is proud to be the first purpose built gymnastics centre in Donegal. We cater for all ages and abilities from toddlers right through to the ever adventurous adult.

We are very proud to run many different styles of class, from recreational to competitive and different levels of physical and intellectual capabilities.

Citadel Gymnastics Letterkenny

Why Citadel?


[sit-uh-dl, -uh-del]

A citadel is the core fortified area of a town or city. The term is a diminutive of “city” and thus means “little city”. In a fortification with bastions, the citadel is the strongest part of the system.

Our citadel is a place where we train the strongest athletes and “warriors” of all different kinds. We are very much a family and encourage a strong network and supportive environment.

Our biggest belief and goal is safety and above all – fun!